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Nala Wrap Dress

INR 5,950

Nala Pant Set

INR 5,500

Nala Brunch Dress

INR 4,500

Nala Shorts Set

INR 5,500

Nala Ruffled Dress

INR 4,950

Nala Shorts

INR 2,600

Nala Shirt

INR 2,950

Nala Pants

INR 2,600

Selene Shirt

INR 2,950

Selene Flared Dress

INR 4,500

Lapis Maxi Dress

INR 7,500

Amara Vest Set

INR 6,150

Amara Linen Top

INR 2,800

Amara Linen Shorts

INR 2,600

Amara Linen Pants

INR 2,950

Amara Linen Shirt

INR 3,200

Nefer Dress

INR 4,500

Amara Pant Set

INR 5,750

Amara Vest

INR 3,200

Amara Shorts Set

INR 5,800

Petra Shirt

INR 2,950

Petra Tiered Dress

INR 5,300

Petra Wrap Dress

INR 3,950

Petra Bralette

INR 2,200


We all want to shop responsibly, however making time for it is not easy, which is why we've rounded up the best of the best for you. We curate, celebrate and help you discover the newest and youngest, ethical and sustainable labels of India. We vet every product before adding it to the mix making it easier for you to shop mindfully. One of many criteria for products listed on Nete is the use of natural and breathable materials. Other criteria include zero waste design practices, natural dyes, up-cycling and recycling all the while making sure style and aesthetics are never compromised. Whether you're searching for luxury fashion pieces, vegan-friendly shoes or looking to invest in timeless, transitional pieces, we’ve got you covered with over 100 sustainable brands. Our best selling categories are women’s Dresses, Co-ords, Shorts and Shirt Sets.

While all brands on are made-to-order and always only produced in small batches, incorporate traditional techniques and support local artisan communities, there are some that standout with their unique USPs -
1. Up-cycled, Recycled + Zero Waste Design Practices - Théla, Doodlage, Joli, Rias Jaipur
2. Natural Dyes - Asa, Basal Studio and Nambi-Kai
3. Gender Neutral - The Pot Plant, The Rover Journal
4. CSR - Amalgam
5. Innovative Materials - Pinatex, Cactus Leather, Tencel and Econyl
6. GOTS + Peta Approved Vegan - Something Sustainable and Mati

Some achieve a sustainable status through the fabrics they use, opting for recycled materials or natural fabrics that biodegrade while others work on slowing down and handcrafting pieces in very small batches to reduce their carbon footprint. Either way, how much you’ll love and wear your pieces is the promising way to ensure true sustainability and when or if you're ever done, be sure to put them up for resale with our reselling initiative via Relove.

Our best selling women’s styles are the Tara Shirt Dress, Dot Pants, Abeer Dress, Alysa Maxi Dress, Indigo Strappy Jumpsuit, Origami Overshirt Dress and Pleated Kaftan Dress, Maze Half Open Slippers, Shahi Kolhapuris, Iris Choker, Mogra Cuff Earrings, Blotch Studs, Boho Necklace to name a few.

Frequently asked questions -

- Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship worldwide.

- How much does it cost to ship internationally?
Shipping is calculated at checkout on actuals. Depending on the weight of the items and your zip code we will evaluate your shipping fee.

- Can I customise my styles?
Yes, depending on your customisation requirements, we can check the feasibility for the same and get back to you.

- How can I Shop Over The Phone?
You can drop us a line on with your name and number along with a convenient time for us to get in touch with you.

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